marți, 20 octombrie 2015

When rug cleaning, avoid the following!

Rugs have a tendency of going dirty really quickly. Most of the time, we try and clean them up, because I don’t know a single person that likes a dirty carpet, but sometimes we are not making the right things, when carpet cleaning.

Therefore I put together a list to help you remember what not to do when you try to clean a rug.

Firstly you should remember to act fast – the five second rule applies perfectly here.

Then you should make sure to use the right cleaning product. Most house hold detergents are harsh for the carpet, so make sure you have at home something especially of carpets.

Also make sure you test the cleaning products on a small patch of fabric, before applying it on the whole stain. Some detergents contain bleaches and can discolor the fabric – all you will end up with is an unmovable white stain that will look at least weird.

Also do not use odorizing products, for cleaning, they are called odorizing for a reason – one should use these products only after they have cleaned the stains, and not use the odorizing products to clean it. It will not work.

Perhaps one of the least common errors is to over clean the rugs. Rug cleaning should be done regularly, no doubt about it, but once a week is a bit too often. It will tear the fibers down and will cause the color to fade. In less than two years your carpets will look like old drags. Keep it monthly, in order to keem them shining.

However, if you don’t want to wrap your head around this just call in the rug cleaning services. You can find some at the Dublin Carpet Cleaning, Ground Floor, 14 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, or online at Schedule a date and keep your rugs clean with professional services.

marți, 29 septembrie 2015

Carpet cleaning for the whole house

Carpet cleaning is just as important as dusting your furniture or cleaning your mattress, or like keeping a clean sofa. Carpets are such an important part of our house, but most of the time we don’t give it the time of day.

We think a simple vacuum is enough to keep the carpets shining, but the truth is a little more than that. Carpet cleaning makes all your house shine. Carpets are the soul of the room, they can send a message, they can set a certain mood or they can keep you warm. Not everyone treats their carpets with respect, and that usually ends up in throwing the carpet away, in a pile of rubbish. But before doing that, why don’t we pay a little attention to what revived out house?

Of course, there are situations where we simply chose awful carpets, that need to go out, but what happens to those that have really impressed us? Do they also deserve the rubble?

Can’t we give them a second chance? I say we can, and I urge you to go look for the best carpet cleaning specialists in your town and revive your home.

I am sure that there is a competent team of cleaners in your home, and if they are well advertised, they should not be hard to find. Also, a quick search on the internet can help you find the best cleaning services. Replacing carpets can be expensive, but cleaning them for a fraction of the price seems like the best idea.

If you are lucky enough to live in Dublin, than you have an extra chance. The Dublin Carpet Cleaning crew, situated at Ground Floor, 14 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, is looking to helping you give the shine back to your home. They are available on the phone at 1800 848 700 (free phone); or 01-4440146 or the mobile: 0852 892 657, and not to mention the website Send them an email with your dying rug at the address mentioned on the site.

Good luck reviving your home!

luni, 13 iulie 2015

Tips for sofa cleaning

Sofas are some of the most important pieces of furniture in our houses. Along with beds, tables and chairs, sofas are found in millions of homes. Yearly, other millions are purchased and even more millions sofas are cleaned throughout the world.

Sofa cleaning is pretty much the same, everywhere, because the only criteria is fabric. If you have a leather sofa, you need to know a few special tricks, while if your sofa has fabric upholstery, then other cleaning tricks are necessary.

For example a leather sofa will need regular moisturizing, to prevent the cracking. Being leather, it is hardly stained, but when it does, it is one of the most difficult materials to clean. You may try cleaning it yourself, but the best results will appear only after hiring professional help.

Fabric sofas are a bit easier to clean, but some stain may prove to be very stubborn. You can try and damp stains, before they soak into the sofa, and then to vacuum thoroughly. If the stain refuses to go off, try detergents and if that doesn’t work then there is only one thing to do: call in the sofa cleaning squad.

Also, in order to keep you sofa clean, you need to vacuum it regularly. Odors and mold may become your worst nightmare, so it’s important to prevent them for as long as possible. To do that effectively, there are some things you can do. One of them is to use baking soda. Simply spread the powder over the sofa, leave it for a few minutes then vacuum. Spray some air freshener and the work is done. But, in order to make the effect last, you need to do this at least twice a month, since mold can grow in less than a month. Being one of the objects you spend most of your life around it is important to keep it clean, at least for health reasons if not for aesthetics. Get some more tips and tricks by clicking here.

luni, 22 iunie 2015

Do not ignore mattress cleaning

We spend a third of our life sleeping. Since our bodies are constant cell factories, it is only natural that the old cells get disposed on everything we touch. Therefore, imagine, just how many dead cells are there on our bed sheets and mattresses!
Millions and millions of them, not to mention the tricky dust mites that can cause real health issues. You may not know this, but half of the asthma cases are caused by a dirty mattress. I am talking about the mattress that hasn’t been cleaned in years!
Therefore I have one little question for you: do you want your children to get sick just because you don’t know what mattress cleaning is? I suppose not, so here are some tips.
One of the easiest things you can do is to vacuum your mattress. It is not 100% safe, but it may the best you can do. This way you keep a low level of dead cells and dust mites. You can make your matters smell nice again with the help of backing soda. Powder it over the mattress and leave it for a half an hour. Vacuum, and the odors will be gone along with the bed bugs.

But, we’re only human, therefore keep in mind that every year it is recommended to clean your mattress professionally. Her are a few guys that do it perfectly, maybe they will help you too. 

duminică, 24 mai 2015

Don’t underestimate the mattress cleaning

Our sleep is one of the most important features out organisms can enjoy. Sleep is beyond thirst and hunger, since we can only survive without it less than 2 weeks. So what is to be done about our beds, in order to make them more comfortable and healthier for our sleep?

We should all start by having clean bed sheets all the time. A clean bed sheet is important since it can dictate the mood we wake up in. Apart from clean sheets you should also have some nice, relaxing scents around the bedroom. You would never guess what effect lavender has on your mood!
Next thing you need to take into consideration is the mattress. Even though you do not need to change it every other year, it is crucial to clean it yearly. Mattress cleaning can’t be done be just anyone. I has to be done by professional skilled personnel, otherwise you risk to sleep on a damp mattress that can get you sicker than a dog.

Mattress cleaning absorbs all the dust mites and the bacteria that live right underneath the surface, and can cause really nasty allergies, asthma or other health complications that could endanger your life. Do not underestimate mattress cleaning, and make sure to call in professionals at least once a year.

vineri, 17 aprilie 2015

Cleaning measures have to be taken into account when it comes to upholstery

Ever since people have discovered an ingenious way of embellishing the furniture, it all looks a lot more modern, cozy and great to be put into our homes, beautifully decorating them and raising the standard living to a higher level.
Upholstery not only it makes our chairs and sofas look better but they’re also a pleasure to be sitting on for a long time. But all things good until we have to deal with the dust, dirt, allergens that creep into the fabric that lead to discoloring and shorten the life of your favorite pieces of furniture. Upholstery cleaning is especially needed and requested to prevent any of the above mentioned damage and to ensure a healthy environment in your home or work space.
The majority of us is never thinking seriously about what could be lying underneath all that fabric that goes into the upholstery and it is especially because our eyes don’t have the ability of spotting microscopic organisms; no one is to be blamed because of that since that’s how we’re built; we can be blamed however if we are aware of the deposits that a surface can store in and we don’t do anything about it. It might not seem like a big deal but just removing the dust once a week will not keep away the bacteria, mold and other viruses that may come to life in an enabling environment.
Whatever it’s not seen to the eye can be very dangerous and should not be taken mildly; that’s why you need to have a team of experts in upholstery cleaning come to your house or office to restore your furniture to its original glow and appearance. Cleaning the furniture on a regular basis will help you keep them a longer time and save you money to invest in probably more performing equipment for your business or extend certain areas of your house for instance.
The important thing is that you should take advantage and use all the available technology in getting your living or working space cleaned thoroughly, at least once a year for very convenient prices, if you take into account all the benefits that come from a professional cleaning, for your goods and for your health. Companies offer very reliable services along with very friendly and well trained staff that take care of every piece of furniture with the utmost care they are capable, because they know that furniture can be pretty valuable to a person, either because they’ve inherited it, got it as a wedding gift or simply because they don’t own too much so they rely on what they have.
Cleanliness is a part of our daily routine and living, and a lack of it can seriously damage a person’s health but a case like that can be very rare and within extreme conditions because all the others know its importance and try to deal with it as fast as they can, ensuring themselves the peace of mind needed to go on about other normal activities.

duminică, 22 martie 2015

Tips and tricks for better carpet cleaning

Sometimes we only have little spots on our carpets and we don’t feel like you should call in the experts, that we can do it ourselves. Guess what? We can do our own carpet cleaning.
However, you should have in mind a few tips if you think you are ready to clean your carpets, all by yourself.
Firstly, you should vacuum the carpets in order to remove any dust or dirt, especially from the affected area. My opinion is that you already want to use cleaning products and to put in all the work, why not clean the entire thing? This way it is proportionate.
After vacuuming the carpet, you should decide whether you will brush your carpets. If you are going with this, that you will need a water solvent cleaning products. It is more effective this way. Another way to do the carpet cleaning yourself is to buy a special cleaners that is look like a powder, you should “spray” it over the carpet and then vacuum again thoroughly. The particles of cleaning product attach themselves to the dirt particles, and once they are vacuumed, the carpet is clean.
Another way to do carpet cleaning, that you should consider is the steam cleaning. For this you will need a special tool that you can find in your town for rent of for sale.
Steam cleaning is the most effective method, and it is used mostly in professional cleaning companies, but it is now available for you too.

luni, 9 februarie 2015

Does rug cleaning matter?

People have been using carpets and rugs ever since they “entered” the cave. I am joking, but they did, however, use carpets for thousands of years now. So when people ask me why do rugs matter, I have more than one reason to tell them right.
However, a rug is as important as its cleaning. Rugs and carpets are not only used in our homes purely because it fits our furniture. No, they also help insolate the rooms, keeping our feet warm.  I believe you all know that feeling when you cannot find your slippers and you have to walk all the way to the kitchen, barefooted and with no socks on and step on the empty floors.  Haven’t your feet instantly gone ice cold?
I suppose they did. Well this is the best example to define the necessity of rugs.  However, rug cleaning matters to. Rugs made of tiny threads that over time, gather dust and dirt that will eventually harm your health.
It is not necessary to clean them weekly with the vacuum cleaner; you need to wash them regularly, because vacuum cleaners don’t manage to keep your rugs clean for eternity.  If you think you can’t do it yourself, feel free to call in help. There are dozens of rug cleaning companies that can come in, get your carpets, clean them and deliver them when they are clean and dry.  Nowadays nothing is really hard, because there is always someone to do thing s for us.