marți, 20 octombrie 2015

When rug cleaning, avoid the following!

Rugs have a tendency of going dirty really quickly. Most of the time, we try and clean them up, because I don’t know a single person that likes a dirty carpet, but sometimes we are not making the right things, when carpet cleaning.

Therefore I put together a list to help you remember what not to do when you try to clean a rug.

Firstly you should remember to act fast – the five second rule applies perfectly here.

Then you should make sure to use the right cleaning product. Most house hold detergents are harsh for the carpet, so make sure you have at home something especially of carpets.

Also make sure you test the cleaning products on a small patch of fabric, before applying it on the whole stain. Some detergents contain bleaches and can discolor the fabric – all you will end up with is an unmovable white stain that will look at least weird.

Also do not use odorizing products, for cleaning, they are called odorizing for a reason – one should use these products only after they have cleaned the stains, and not use the odorizing products to clean it. It will not work.

Perhaps one of the least common errors is to over clean the rugs. Rug cleaning should be done regularly, no doubt about it, but once a week is a bit too often. It will tear the fibers down and will cause the color to fade. In less than two years your carpets will look like old drags. Keep it monthly, in order to keem them shining.

However, if you don’t want to wrap your head around this just call in the rug cleaning services. You can find some at the Dublin Carpet Cleaning, Ground Floor, 14 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, or online at Schedule a date and keep your rugs clean with professional services.