duminică, 24 mai 2015

Don’t underestimate the mattress cleaning

Our sleep is one of the most important features out organisms can enjoy. Sleep is beyond thirst and hunger, since we can only survive without it less than 2 weeks. So what is to be done about our beds, in order to make them more comfortable and healthier for our sleep?

We should all start by having clean bed sheets all the time. A clean bed sheet is important since it can dictate the mood we wake up in. Apart from clean sheets you should also have some nice, relaxing scents around the bedroom. You would never guess what effect lavender has on your mood!
Next thing you need to take into consideration is the mattress. Even though you do not need to change it every other year, it is crucial to clean it yearly. Mattress cleaning can’t be done be just anyone. I has to be done by professional skilled personnel, otherwise you risk to sleep on a damp mattress that can get you sicker than a dog.

Mattress cleaning absorbs all the dust mites and the bacteria that live right underneath the surface, and can cause really nasty allergies, asthma or other health complications that could endanger your life. Do not underestimate mattress cleaning, and make sure to call in professionals at least once a year.